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24-Sep-2017 18:57

And if you want to hang out with an actual physical robot, they're either only available at the highest level of the military or dumbed-down to the point of silliness (see: the Roomba circling your living room). Companies like Real Doll and Sinthetics (both links NSFW) make contemporary dolls that look — and, more importantly, feel — like shockingly accurate facsimiles of real women.

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About two-thirds of women in the same study say they would not try a sex robot.

From Austin Powers' Fembots to Metropolis's Maria, the idea of creating something out of wires and metal to become our companion continues to surface. A representative told me that the company has developed a new blend of silicone called the Soft Touch (ST Skin), which has the same texture and feel as actual human skin.

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