Savage 2 error updating

25-Aug-2017 20:58

This is what I've tried so far: -Completely disable firewall/antivirus -Run Savage 2 as Administrator -Launch the "savage2_update.exe" (also as Administrator) -Install on a different computer (laptop) Nothing seems to work. Edit: You need the installer from my first post, the patchserver is still down AFAIK, so you won't be able to update.

When I press ctrl F8 I get the following: Is the patch server down, forever? You will have to install the latest version or you will not be able to play.

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Whenever I try to search for updates I get the error saying: CUE 2 has detected an error during software update check.

As for the firmware update, you can still do that just fine.

The game is played in rounds, and no benefits carry over from each match, despite the RPG elements present in each match.

Most of the players on each team are "action players", fighting the other teams action players on the field, using powerful third person melee and weaker first person ranged combat.

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As I'm typing this it says that there are 11 Players on 5 Servers, though I am unable to see any servers in the game browser. i have download the game but when i want to log in the game want to update but nothing happent? But that's alright since the client downloads the updated maps from the game server anyway.Savage 2 combines RTS, FPS and RPG aspects into its gameplay.

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