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20-Dec-2017 09:26

Oculus has released a new Rift patch, which brings a number of updates and much-welcomed features, but none more so than the ability to launch Steam/GOG purchased VR games from the Oculus software. In update 1.17 released over the weekend, Oculus added a feature that’ll allow Rift users to ‘quickly launch all apps that support Rift from within the Oculus software, even if you acquired those apps from outside the Oculus Store’. This feature enables up to four Rift users to chat across different games/apps, or anywhere you may go in VR, which is quite neat.That means you can play the Rift compatible VR games from your Steam or GOG account without having to do any pain-in-the-backside workarounds anymore. There’ve also been some bug fixes, which improve the general quality of life for Rift users who had come across various issue fixes such as Rift headset disconnects, floor shifting in VR and more stability enhancements.Camille needs to give opposing teams a chance to cut her legs out from under her before she cuts up. At the moment, she’s too durable for that to be a reliable response, so we’re dialing that back a bit.Camille’s teamfight utility is providing her too safe of a fallback, meaning she doesn’t need to do that much Draven is the cocky showoff for the marksman who wants to beat his opponent into the ground and keep them there through the midgame.A war arises between Crucia and Ankhet in 4.2: Celestial Storm.These powerful femme fatales are hell-bent on domination and destruction of the Celestial Lands and you, Ascended, must stop them!most recent Public Beta Environment patch still has a few kinks to work out.Youtuber Vandiril's experiments with the new void crab's revealed all sorts of interesting edge-case behavior when you shove it out of its expected places in the game. James Chen spent most of the last half-decade writing about League of Legends out of Taiwan. He still hasn't shut up about the lack of English LMS broadcasting.

We've got a little room to give Sion some post-update love, so we decided to focus on his best stat: health.With a massive attack damage buff to count on, Darius’s level 1 all-in is brutally stacked in his favor.From there, his passive remains so potent through the early levels that opponents have no opportunity to recover.Shadow Dance represents a lot of what we like about Akali’s kill pattern - it’s telegraphed, has appropriate downtime between casts, and gives the opposing team time to react with their abilities to help peel her prey.

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Considering all of that, we feel like it’s a good spot to help Akali successfully chain from one kill to the next once she gets going.

Given that her core item is being nerfed this patch (see more in the Items section!

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