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Not all new developments may be welcomed by users, such as a by Facebook that enables the company to identify their users’ emotions through cameras on their devices.

A critical approach to developing digital technologies, guided by philosophical and ethical principles, will allow interventions that improve society in meaningful ways.

In this post, I won't go into the reasons why I think things have gotten so out of control; I have some ideas, but I'm also dumbfounded.

I will say that these latest incidents are so obviously unacceptable that I figured that most university faculty would be on the side of free expression, but it seems I may be sadly mistaken about this.

Woodrow Wilson (photo from history.com), Princeton's most famous alumnus and a former Princeton president, was one of the targets of the protests at Princeton.

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Both my almae matres were affected: Princeton's president catered to protesters who took over his office, and Yale students who organized protests where a college Master was cursed and yelled at were given "leadership" awards at graduation.

However, the increasing responsibilities of researchers and sub-communities, arising from the increasing power and reach of computer science, are sometimes met with confusion.

There is a tendency to see ethical considerations as a “policy issue” to be dealt with by the University Center for Human Values points out that while ethics is rooted in understanding community standards and norms, these do not exhaust it, as some researchers in computer science and other fields can sometimes be tempted to think.

The individual observations are analyzed into a set of quantifiable properties, known as various explanatory variables, features, etc.

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These properties may variously be categorical (e.g.

Brett Weinstein reported that the vast majority of his colleagues who have spoken out on this issue are actually calling on him to be disciplined, and only one other Evergreen professor is willing to defend him publicly.

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