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Melbourne grew into a vibrant metropolis, and trade between Melbourne and Sydney prospered. Sailed from Sydney 11 December 1809, for New Zealand sealing grounds, landing a aprty of sealers on the west coast.

Access to coastal towns such as Port Albert, Warrnambool and Portland was quicker by ship until roads improved and the the motor vehicle dominated land transport. Lost at sea with all hands after leaving New Zealand to return to Sydney, 1810.

No doubt risks were taken with the aim of turning a quick profit, and no doubt ships were lost. Known to have operated in Victorian waters in the 1890s.

The Port Phillip district of New South Wales was declared a separate colony and named Victoria, on 1 July 1851. Wrecked at Tarwin, Gippsland coast, 8 December 1934. [LG],[ASR - 28 tons, wrecked Cape Liptrap, 30 November 1934],[LV] Ada. Disappeared from Australian Shipping Register after 1915.

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With the discovery of gold in 1851, Melbourne soon became a major entry point to Australia.

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Deed of revocation “This deed of revocation is made by [your name] of [your address].By the end of the year and the following year, the demand for passage to Australia rose considerably. Rivalry between the many shipping companies intensified as they fought, through advertisements extolling the virtues of their speedy and comfortable ships, for the lucrative new emigration trade. The firm's size, experience and methods of practice enable us to provide the sophisticated legal services that clients often associate with large law firms.

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