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(My favorite bit of trivia is that, according to the executive producers’ commentary on “TOW the Prom Tape,” after Phoebe put on a male swagger and declared, “I’m ready for my penis now,” while playing wingman for Chandler at Central Perk in that episode, the show’s writers could not say “penis” on air for about a five-year period.) Despite the show’s penchant for innuendo and metaphor, and its spliced, out-of-order nature during syndication, No matter what the circumstance, responsibility to friendships and family come before romantic and sexual relationships.

Creeping on Joey’s current girlfriend and making a move on her was one of Chandler’s absolute low points.

Falling in love with Rachel might’ve been acceptable, if only Joey had kept his feelings in the realm of fantasy and what-ifs.

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For instance, the wide coverage by local TV and radio stations and social media has at least raised the level of awareness of common people with no access to internet, electricity or satellite in the region, on the dangers of the disease and at least some preventive measure in the midst of the growing panic over Ebola.Thanks to the influx of dating advice and pop psychology that threaded their way through late nineties/early ‘00s pop culture, ’ screenwriters and producers hysterically restrained the show’s dialogue in order to avoid explicit sexual vocabulary.