Dating muslim wont tell his family

20-Jan-2018 14:08

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If you asked me to tell you about my boyfriend, I’d spend hours going on about how he makes me laugh even when I’m trying to be stroppy, and how he brings me donuts when I’m stressed (He’s a keeper, right? For some reason though, when I’m mid-way through my well-rehearsed story about how we met and how in luuurve we are, the bit that people get caught up on is the fact that he’s Muslim... I was christened as a baby, my grandma still has the puffy white gown that I wore, and we go to church on Christmas morning, but like many girls in their 20s, I wouldn’t say that religion plays a significant part in my day to day life.

On the other hand though, following Islam plays a more prominent role for my boyfriend’s.

I let him change the subject, as I could see that he didn't want to tell me. If he is so to say dating you, he is not following the teachings of his religion.

Islam only allows married relationships, nothing outside marriage.

Islam doesn’t permit drinking alcohol, so those 2-4-1 cocktails quickly become 2-4-YOU, which has its pros and cons.

On the one hand: hellooo margaritas; on the other hand, there’s the question of whether I have a moral obligation not to drink in front of him because he’s not allowed to. People have asked if it’s weird when we go out, and no, not it’s not.

Many foreign partners do not understand this process and can get very impatient.

It can be the source of a lot of stress in an intercultural relationship - especially for the Indian partner, most of all... Many are basically helicopter parents - on steroids.

Lately, via email - I have gotten so many letters for advice from other Whindian couples about how to tell the parents.

However, oftentimes, along with that closeness comes co-dependence and Indian parents can be so involved in their child's life that they can project their own hopes and dreams onto their child - and the child is raised to please, instead of make their own choices first.

Duty and obligation to one's family is strived for in traditional Indian families.

I am new here, so please do tell me if this is posted in the wrong category.

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My name is Sara, my family is Christian, but I am not. He says his family is 'a lot more into it then he is, but he still believes in it' I guess what I'm trying to ask, is, is there anything I need to know?Most practising Muslim families are conservative and do not allow their sons and daughters to hang out with the opposite gender.