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A Mappila (Malayalam: മാപ്പിള), also known as a Muslim Mappila, Moplahs or Jonaka Mappila, is a member of the largest Muslim group in the Indian state of Kerala.

The community arose primarily as a result of the pre- and post-Islamic Arab contact with Kerala, mainly based upon trade.

Jaipur Travel About Jaipur: The royal, history state of Rajasthan feels therefore pleased to claim Jaipur as the money town!

Jaipur, also referred to as ”Pink City”, may be the biggest city of Rajasthan.

THE temple of Vastupâla and Tejapâla is to the north of Vimala Śah’s, and is entered from the court between them by a stair near the west end of the enclosure.

It contains several inscriptions in Sanskrit verse, from which one of the following extracts relating to the fournders, &c., are taken:—2 was an excellent minister, whose well-governed understanding had no thought of the wealth or wives of others …

Attractions of Jaipur: Jaipur is enriched with many forts, palaces, monuments and temples.

The interesting palaces, forts, temples and monuments are the signs of this successful Rajputana period.

A Mount Abu tour surely offers something unique for everyone who visits.

It is a perfect place to enjoy the adventure as well as eco-tourism.

Forts: The three famous forts of Jaipur tend to be – Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort and Jaigarh.

These three forts are the three gems regarding the town, whoever splendid design and eyecatching places impress every visitor.Mappilas share the common language of Malayalam with the other inhabitants of Kerala.