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You can filter by the most viewed clips from the past 24 hours, week, month, and all time, or filter by trending clips.In the Clips Manager, you’ll see a table of all the clips you’ve created along with relevant information like the title, channel of the creator featured, game being played, when it was created, and the number of times it’s been viewed.It can’t be stopped or monitored by another unless the porn addict chooses. She loses faith that their intimacy is real—it may just be a part of his fantasy about someone else he’s viewed. So what is a Christian wife to do when she discovers her husband is into pornography? Listen objectively before passing judgment or reacting in anger or disappointment. Listen with discernment to be sure you have the facts. God didn’t get it straight from Adam and Eve, and your husband isn’t likely to respond much better without help. Godly sorrow produces the fruit of repentance, which is to change. Keep praying and trusting God, and get help for yourself! He will need people who can listen with compassion and humility, and who know we all are candidates to sin (Galatians 6:1-5).If she withdraws, he may use that as an excuse for his sin. But a good discussion is two-way, so ask him to listen to how you are feeling and how his sin affects your marriage and also his relationship with the Lord. If he refuses and you are convinced you have the facts, Matthew -17 says to involve help. Is his heart attitude toward his sin one of repentance or excuses and justification? Pray that he will come to a place of true godly sorrow (2 Corinthians ). It is easy to focus on his sin, but you must choose to focus on your faithful Lord instead, and on your own growth through this difficult trial (James 1:2-4). God has given you permission to involve those who can help! The depth of involvement that comes out of these discussions will determine the kind of help you need. For others, a more intense individual counseling with a godly man who can unpack perhaps years of wrong thinking and help him develop a lifestyle of self-control in the seven building blocks for moral purity.I'm ready to start planning my "Finally made it to the WCF!" parade again (no word yet on whether the team would actually attend).Twitch Clips were awesome in their own right, but now you can get the same Chat experience in a clip!

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Luc Richard Mbah a Moute certainly isn't as skilled, but I think his defensive excellence puts him at par with Rivers in terms of overall "player level".

She may have known it was a past problem and believed he lived in victory, or she may have been clueless to his addiction and feels duped by him. The discussion begins privately between the two of you (Matthew ).