Black and white teen dating

22-Nov-2017 02:21

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It's drugs and sex...little rich country club girls are every bit as bad if not worse than the trailer trash. Ignorance is why you attributing bad things to blacks.

get an education you people , maybe you'll understand my comment Education has nothing to do with it.

As some on Twitter have pointed out, the funding of Allie's education because of racism could be seen as problematic when systemic prejudices in the school system disenfranchise many non-white students to a much greater degree.

Stop making this girl out to be some sort of hero for dating a black kid.

The trio refused to let the youth leave, although he eventually managed to escape and tell his family what happened.

The family then went to officials at the all-boys Catholic high school to complain.

I’ve been going to the school system for 6 years and I’m now in high school.

My black friends which are girls and I always question many things with the white guys at our school.

Good moral character is not what most of these white girls are after in a black guy. it only means that they have more melanin that protects them from the sun due to genetic adaption to heat .everyone could date anyone they want , Black Hispanic , Indian , Asian etc...Some of the white guys stare at me too in a gazing look ever since I’ve been natural as well.