Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

26-Dec-2017 16:00

When this feature is enabled and you call *611, a screen with account management options launches on your device.At a quick glance, you’ll see all of the options you’d normally hear on the phone when calling *611.The force you to buy new phone with the new pricing. When I call verizon regarding the bill, their answer is "We don't prorate when a customer move to another carrier. Your first bill will show your full amount, but there should be a followup bill next month that has the credit for all but one date.If you moved on the 13th., we still charge for the whole month! Of course, if you paid that first bill for the full amount, you'll then have a credit balance, and eventually they'll send you a check for that credit (usually within another month or two).(1-800-837-4966) There is a chance that you will be redirected to other departments during call, for faster problem solving check numbers below.Verizon customer service number: 1-888-553-1555 Keep pressing 0 at each prompt to speak with representative.

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I been with Verizon wireless for a long time and recently moved to ATT because of the pricing. Verizon bill me for the entire month instead of prorate ( shoud be 1 week only).

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